if only… if only….

if only there were two of me if only one of them was meaner than the other if only the unwanted fork in the road was actually one straight line if only the obstacle was something other than choosing between 2 good opportunities if only I was psychic if only I was telepathic if only... Continue Reading →

where’d she go

Truth. I've been playing this sort of dance. Creating and deleting.  Encouraging and fighting back. I've been working out some issues both mentally and emotionally. It's all internal work that is being played against me. I'm trying to figure things out as fast as I can. I'm battling for the strength.  For a clear mind.... Continue Reading →

I’m back

Here I am I’m back that I am a relaxing vacation overlooking the horizon swaying left and right with the ocean waves watching the sunrise and set each and every day basking in the sun dipping my toes in the clear ocean waters covered in white sand as I walk across the beach front and... Continue Reading →

Give Thanks

give thanks to the pain in your life, it means you’re alive give thanks to the heartache, without it we wouldn't know how to love one another give thanks to sadness, without it we wouldn't know the meaning of happiness give thanks to the memories, so we can cherish the lost loved ones and remember... Continue Reading →

indifferent to the robotic man

At this point, i’m indifferent. I stand motionless, unable to move. It’s out of my control. Silence fills the air. My voice is mute, your opinions don’t matter. I’m not being heard. Everything, my thoughts. my actions. my words. all of me. Every part of me, s c r e a m s wake up!... Continue Reading →


Blinking away tears. Body screaming. Heart sobbing. Emotions running wild. Having your shit together all the time is extremely draining.  Being always 100%.  Showing that nothing can ever bring your spirit down is impossible.  Emotionally exhausted from one thing after the next.  I don’t know how much longer I can take. Sleep deprived. Feeling restless.... Continue Reading →

It's dull here. In the now Why me? Why must I sacrifice? A passion . . .my happiness . . . I have not surrendered. I will not come willingly. At least not today . . . . . . probably not for a long time. Let me go. Please. Can't you see I'm drowning? That... Continue Reading →

i am HEAR. can you HERE me?

All my life I felt invisible.  My voice unheard.  I was a blur in the crowd.  A nobody.  Secretly trying to break free from the struggle to be somebody.  To be seen.  To be heard. All my life I was pushed aside and never shined.  I never felt important.  I never felt there was a... Continue Reading →

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