Rebecca Uy (pronounced: WE), a Filipino-Chinese American who is an (aspiring) writer and model.

Her passion for writing came at an early age where she was often found writing short stories in her free time instead of attending social events. She is currently writing her very first YA fantasy fiction novel to pursue her dream of becoming a published author.

She hopes to lead by example through this website–paving the way to other chronic pain warriors as she navigates through her own life with chronic pain.

Among other health issues, her chronic pain is a direct result of scar tissue from her previous surgeries–one in 2006 and another in 2012–which led to inflammation and a diagnosis in 2016 of Cervical Spine Degeneration Arthritis. With health in mind, she is on the hunt to find more effective and natural ways for pain relief. Follow her journey as she shares about depression, anxiety, and the good, the bad, the ugly of life with chronic pain; along with a splash of model life.

Aside from writing, Rebecca loves trying new skincare products, traveling, food, dancing, and painting. As socially-awkward as she is, she also finds joy in creating and editing videos.

rebeccannesworld consists of . . . her world . . . her journey, the way she sees the world, the feelings that come and go, the realizations she has–not just in her own life, but for others. She enjoys sharing her findings with those around her and what better way to do that than in her blog? She believes in second chances, new beginnings, and powerful dreams. She wishes you well and is so grateful to have you here with her.

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