Why I Took a Break from Instagram

Somehow, without fail, I open up Instagram and instantly feel really crappy about myself. It's like I need to be doing something really amazing with my life otherwise, I'm nothing. I often forget social media is a lie. Just because a post shows something really cool, doesn't mean that's how that person is living their... Continue Reading →

That time I went to NYC

After three years and a shelter in place order, my cousin finally got around to editing a video we filmed together just for fun. It was my first time in NYC.  I scored a direct booking for a brand called Real Techniques.  They booked me as local, so technically I had to pretend I was... Continue Reading →

Editorial – En Vie Magazine

A shoot with my very own dream team I compiled together.  My friend makeup artist, Kerre, was inspired by a high fashion sporty look and she wanted me to be her muse.  It took us a while to get a team in place, but I first contacted Wyll, the stylist.  Immediately upon viewing the inspiration pictures... Continue Reading →

TVC – Setthasiri by Sansiri

A rebooking from my first TVC, but this time with a mom role with two kids.  I must've been in my early teens when I had these kids 😉 -haha, Thai commercials tend to hire young females to play mom roles; many of my model friends along with myself find it pretty humorous, yet sad... Continue Reading →

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