That time I went to NYC

After three years and a shelter in place order, my cousin finally got around to editing a video we filmed together just for fun.

It was my first time in NYC.  I scored a direct booking for a brand called Real Techniques.  They booked me as local, so technically I had to pretend I was a New Yorker, but I’m a suburban Chicago girl through and through. Nevertheless, I hopped on a plane and gave it my best shot.

Thinking back on it now and thinking about how much anxiety I usually have, I can’t believe how I survived. Once I landed at LaGuardia, I had to figure out my way to meet my cousin, which was a bus and then transfer to the subway. I remember being surprised at how easy it was to find the bus and how difficult it was to find which train to take. I remember freaking out a little and calling up my cousin, on the verge of tears, but I made it.  I mean, this was three years ago and I’m alive! LOL

Anyways, the day of my shoot, my cousin took one look at my outfit and was like, “Rhea (that’s my nickname), no . . . If you want to pass as a New Yorker, you gotta look the part!” So I borrowed his baggy jeans and his oversized jean jacket and was off to my very first New York booking.


I was nervous at first because the hype of New York modeling is way more sophisticated and targeted  more towards fashion than I’m used to, but when I got there and people started arriving, everyone was SO NICE and WELCOMING. A surprise I did not expect!

Sam and Nic were a blast to work with. I didn’t know who they were going into the job, I actually didn’t even know the brand I was working for. I usually do a ton of research going into a job.  All I knew was the shoot was a makeup demo. Sam and Nic Chapman are sisters and are the founders of Real Techniques, they started off on YouTube and made makeup tutorials and then created Real Techniques.  Most fans know them as Pixiwoo. For this particular job we had, they were showcasing their latest brush collection.  I think watching them was very good experience for creating my own vlogs and being in front of a camera.  Mistakes are inevitable sometimes, but there’s no point in getting upset about it.  Just pick up again and go. That is what I noticed during filming.

Everyone was so kind and so fun to work for.  It’s important to have an amazing team during shoots, especially if it’s a long day. And this group was INCREDIBLE.  I loved every minute of it.  I loved the hair stylist, Bradley.  He was such a joy and had an uplifting energy.  I really appreciated the team and hopefully we cross paths in the future again, but working for them was such a great experience for me.

Anyways, after the booking, my cousin and I hit the city and filmed around town. It was fun, but I was also drained from shooting already, so we didn’t do too much.  And finally after 3 years of waiting and with all this downtime we all somehow landed into, he got around to editing the shots we filmed and I’m excited to share it with all of you.

It looks amazing, but there are moments where I cringed at my movements.  Sometimes I move too fast and sometimes I move too little, granted this was THREE YEARS AGO, but still, I cringed. I think I just need more experience as a model and even though I’ve been modeling for about 5 years now, I still feel like a newbie.

You can watch the video: here

hope you enjoy, with love, rebeccanne



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