That time I went to NYC

After three years and a shelter in place order, my cousin finally got around to editing a video we filmed together just for fun. It was my first time in NYC.  I scored a direct booking for a brand called Real Techniques.  They booked me as local, so technically I had to pretend I was... Continue Reading →

The 9-Month Journey

It was May 2018.  With our lease up in June and our flight out approaching the 22nd of May, we spent most of our nights at my childhood home, slowly moving out of our place in Oak Park and moving into the only home I knew.  But also the home that didn't feel like home... Continue Reading →

Rebeisuke Adventures: Fav Eats of Bangkok

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for.  Well, actually more me than you.  I'm notorious for my procrastination.  I am, however, working on it.  It's been more than a month since I've left Bangkok, but my heart is still there.  Missing Bangkok's sabai-sabai lifestyle, the people over there, and quite frankly the modeling market... Continue Reading →

Dear Maui

I really miss you.  Like really.  Maybe because I like warm weather, but not I’m melting, I’m dying because it’s so hot here in Bangkok type weather.  No, I honestly really miss you. I’ve gone to Hawaii once before when I was ten and naturally, I don’t remember a thing.  There’s something about traveling when... Continue Reading →

Off to see the . . . world

Peace out, Chi-town.  See you in a year or two. As bittersweet as it is, I'm leaving with the hubs for a good chunk of time.  Hopeful and praying that things work out to be away from the states for two years, while realistically thinking about having enough funds to only last a single year. ... Continue Reading →

TVC – Smeg Thai

This was my second TVC in Bangkok and by far took the longest time to air in Thailand. It was an extremely long day, so we were exhausted and a little annoyed, but it was worth it because the results beat the difficulty parts.  Call time was 6AM and we wrapped up by 12am.  It took so... Continue Reading →

TVC – Sansiri Condos

I'm so excited to share with everyone my very first TV Commercial (TVC) that aired in Thailand.  I had such fond memories for this being my first TVC that I booked, mostly because I literally didn't have to do anything for this shoot.  If you watch the video, you'll see bits and pieces of me.  One where... Continue Reading →

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