TVC – Smeg Thai

This was my second TVC in Bangkok and by far took the longest time to air in Thailand. It was an extremely long day, so we were exhausted and a little annoyed, but it was worth it because the results beat the difficulty parts.  Call time was 6AM and we wrapped up by 12am.  It took so long because it was a whole bunch of hurry up and wait around while they were setting the set & we had to do multiple takes because one of us kept screwing the move up.

I remember the casting for this.  I watched a cute snippet of a couple tangoing in the kitchen while cooking and I basically had to reenact it just by dancing in front of the camera beaming smiles and twirling around with some pots and pans and cooking utensils.  They played the entire song, THE ENTIRE 4 MINUTES of Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself” while watching me with their arms crossed.  It was ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, their faces were so straight. I was so nervous that I was lip-syncing the lyrics during the casting.  My adrenaline kicked in to excitement and I felt like I did a really good job because I love to dance and it was so funny that it was cooking and Kevin’s a cook, so . . . everything came natural to me. When my agents told me I booked the job, I’m pretty sure I was jumping up and down.For the longest time, they didn’t release the video and all hope was lost for them ever airing it in Thailand.  I even gave up hope that I would never see it.  Until five months later, I get the email from my agent overseas with the attachment.  Kevin and I were just moving in to our new apartment and I was “helping” him hang up the curtain in the bedroom, when I checked my email and saw it.  I literally screamed and was jumping up and down and dancing around the room saying, “OMG KEVIN LOOK!! They aired it!!!”

So check it out: Technology with Style

& here are some stills from this video:

See those bookshelf cubes? I kept hitting my foot on them when I was twirling.
Twirled so much that I got really dizzy and had to sit down, and it definitely wasn’t easy to keep that broccoli from flinging off the plate while turning.
We had a spit bucket team as soon as they yelled cut. I love pizza, but chewing and not swallowing and spitting it out was getting redundant. I had it easy, Victor (the other model), had to eat broccoli off of a fork that I couldn’t exactly feed him nicely in the rush of the segment. *shrugs shoulders*

and some more behind the scenes:

During rehearsal, we caught a glimpse of what the set would look like.
With all the time we had waiting, we got pretty bored and the result was a little cray.

Agency: AREA Management (Bangkok, Thailand)

IG: @rebeccanneuy

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