Life’s Not Done

Hilong time no seeI know it’s beenages since youlast saw me.Since you lastheard from me, sinceI lastspoke of this - this darknessyep, the very same, the one that makes merun ‘n hidefrom fear, fromchaos, frominconceivable pain,not the physical kindnot only the physical kindthe withering, the overwhelming, thetorturous ghost that'salways been, yet seems tonever go awaythe emotional, the heartbreakingly,... Continue Reading →

Stuck Inside

It's not because the threat of COVID19 It's not because I'm a natural hermit, a homebody I'm not unable It's not like I don't know how It's because I'm frozen. I'm stuck inside trapped I don't know how to escape from the maze of my own mind my own brain is working against my own... Continue Reading →

Future (5/6 Excerpt from Beyond the Cover)

If you haven't done so already, please read the following links: Beyond the Cover Introduction Past (1/6) - optional Nuts for Coco (2/6) Present (3/6) - optional Escape (4/6) I don’t know where I’m heading. It’s the future. How can I tell? The world is filled with possibilities. 我真不知道。I really don’t know. I struggle with my future.... Continue Reading →

Lord, hear me.

There's no place to hide. Running isn't an option. The plate is fully loaded. Too much weight to carry. I can't deal. My mess, My individual pain, My own problems are pushed. I cannot take it anymore. It's not about me. Be brave. Be strong. Be stable. Weakening, that I am. I've got too much on my plate.... Continue Reading →

es – ca – pe

i need to. far away. leave. i got to go. finally it hits me. hard. like a rock to the chest- yes, literally, someone threw a rock at me. this once security net is . . . no longer… safe. nothing is ever safe. life is filled with surprises it’s either great or bad, very... Continue Reading →

Time Again

It's been good to me. Time, that is. I'm happier. Everything leading up to this moment has been a life filled with ups and downs. Struggles and pain Heartache and uncertainty Anxiety, fear, worry, obstacles It wasn't easy to get to this level of satisfaction It wasn't easy to get to a level of happiness I... Continue Reading →

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