Single Line of Vision

The line of vision is impaired. The clarity of a single, straight line is known. Everything else is blurry. It doesn't see any obstacles. There's only so much an eye can see. It's closed-minded vision has its limits. There's a light at the end of the tunnel... but then there isn't. It's blocked, the light,... Continue Reading →

I’m back

Here I am I’m back that I am a relaxing vacation overlooking the horizon swaying left and right with the ocean waves watching the sunrise and set each and every day basking in the sun dipping my toes in the clear ocean waters covered in white sand as I walk across the beach front and... Continue Reading →

indifferent to the robotic man

At this point, i’m indifferent. I stand motionless, unable to move. It’s out of my control. Silence fills the air. My voice is mute, your opinions don’t matter. I’m not being heard. Everything, my thoughts. my actions. my words. all of me. Every part of me, s c r e a m s wake up!... Continue Reading →

It's dull here. In the now Why me? Why must I sacrifice? A passion . . .my happiness . . . I have not surrendered. I will not come willingly. At least not today . . . . . . probably not for a long time. Let me go. Please. Can't you see I'm drowning? That... Continue Reading →


I wish there was a pause button. I wish I can just put my life on hold. All these struggles keep blocking my line of vision. It seems impossible to get through. It’s taking forever to climb over the obstacles. I’m faced with issues that make me need to stop and rest. I can’t move... Continue Reading →


Dreaming of the day I am free Free from the desperation Desperation of taking over Over there I will escape Escape from reality Reality weighing me down Down below the surface gasping Gasping for air, the chance The chance to run away Away from here Here and there There is a time Time and place... Continue Reading →

One Day…

One day the pain will disappear. One day you will be more confident. One day you will earn a lot of money. One day success will follow you. One day you will lead by example. One day you will live a healthy lifestyle. One day people will treat you like a somebody. One day those dark thoughts will... Continue Reading →

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