Single Line of Vision

The line of vision is impaired.
The clarity of a single, straight line is known.
Everything else is blurry.
It doesn’t see any obstacles.
There’s only so much an eye can see.
It’s closed-minded vision has its limits.
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel…
but then there isn’t.
It’s blocked, the light, by boulders and bits and pieces of rocks and pebbles.
There’s obstacles in it’s path, but it doesn’t seem to notice – it continues on.
It doesn’t belong to him. . . it’s not his dream.
His dream is a single vision with no one getting in his way, even the lives around him are pushed aside.
His heart is closed.
His vision blind.
He only sees what he wants to see,
and what he sees is a fantasy.


2 thoughts on “Single Line of Vision

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    1. Thank you Ron. I can see how painful a foggy single vision must be. They are neglecting to see the big picture. Everything is one-sided, so their point of view is unclear. Although painful right now, maybe the vision will see more than a single line. I could only hope.


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