I understand what’s come over me.  I’ve been distracted by all the frills this life has provided.

– the hours of television shows with the simple switch of a button on a remote control.  hours and hours of brainwashing activity, all the colors fit on a screen, moving quickly, flipping through advertisements, flipping from scene to scene, actively aware that the brain is not thinking, it’s just watching.
– the access to all things technological: a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, plus more.  It’s easily obtainable, we can’t put it down. always fidgeting with it, always learning from it, always playing, just playing.
– the many current up-to-date statuses of every second of what’s happening in each and everyone’s lives. It’s getting easier to stalk people.  We can check up on our friends and see what they’re up to.  We can spot a lie from just a single post.  All the mystery of a person is gone and whatever you want to find out is displayed for the public.  It’s competitive, see?  Who has the most friends? Who has the most likes?  Who has the most followers?  Although, beneficial, but also worldly-destructive.

It’s a killer. It’s crazy how the world is surrounded by this.  It’s crazy how the world is covered in social media. Is there ever a time, besides when we’re sleeping that there’s a time for togetherness? To share the love with one another, to laugh together, spill each other’s secrets, and laugh about those too?  It’s anti-social. It’s lonesome.  Social media can be a huge distraction from all things real and important, if not handled in the way it was meant to be for us.

Social Media, it’s a form that hinders relationships in real time, forming bonds, and communicating one on one, but socially connects people from around the world.

It’s a love-hate kind of relationship.

Social Media has it’s ups and downs.  It’s the new norm of society and is needed, but also unnecessary… I mean, it’s not a basic survival skill, but it sure makes life more enjoyable.

Social Media is needed to connect with all sorts of people, brings them together to discuss topics of relativity, shows transparency, provides businesses a more personal way to connect with it’s customers, helps future leaders be discovered, and so on.

Like I said, it’s a love-hate relationship. I don’t need it, it sometimes distracts me from the task at hand.  Sometimes, it angers me that I can’t go 20 minutes without checking facebook or instagram; it feels a bit pathetic, really… and it tends to come between the relationship I’m trying to have on my one on one time with family or friends. But, it certainly is beneficial to connect with my friends from around the word, it certainly helps brand myself to show me to the world.  Who am I? Through my words on WordPress to my pictures on Instagram, people can find out a lot about who I am, why I became the way I am, and what makes me, me.  I have a voice, you know?  And I finally know how to use it. Thanks to Social Media, people can hear me.


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