Happy Anniversary

WordPress tells me it’s my one year anniversary as a “blogger”.

I’ve come a long way since July 2014.  I overcame a lot of the depression in my life.  Anxiety is no longer a huge benefactor that controls my actions.  I don’t jump to my escape plan of death every time the pain is unbearable and every time my life feels unimportant. The days of over-thinking are nearly over, lately I just do without thinking of the potential list of consequences.

Therapy and writing helped me weed out the stresses, worries, and unnecessary obstacles of my everyday life and into a more clear and fresh environment.  I can finally breathe in without the toxic thoughts roaming around throughout my body.  All of which causes great harm to living a healthy lifestyle.  Speaking of healthy, my eating habits completely changed.  Although, I still have a long way to go to perfect what needs to be done, I am quite satisfied with the results thus far.

I cannot believe how much I’ve grown.  How much my perspective on life has matured.  The things I do now are so out of my comfort zone and bring me out of my shy demeanor.  I’m thrilled to have blossomed socially.  I still tend to be awkward in some circumstances, however I can own my awkward-ness.  This new kind of life I’m in gives me a sense of belonging.  I am apart of something now.  I have a vision and I have a voice.  I don’t feel like a nobody that has nothing to contribute. I believe everyone is a somebody.  As individuals, we come together to make a contribution to society, doesn’t matter the size, at least it is something.  We all partake in something that is yet to be discovered.  Something of great purpose.  I don’t want to go all spiritual, because I don’t push that idea.  I believe things happen for a reason.  I believe everyone has their own line, they have the power to create it, it’s not like we are destined to become one thing.  It’s more like we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  We have the choice to keep adding to our strengths or trying to perfect our weakness as well as our strengths.  I believe our pathways highlight the strengths and weaknesses that we work on to create the success we desire.

Happy One Year, rebeccanne with a new goal for Wordpress:

think more. create more. inspire more. write more

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