Time is the key… and Stephen Hawking unlocked the door for me…

Stephen Hawking.  A man I have little knowledge about.  Call me ignorant, I’ve heard of him, but never took the time to know him and all of his brilliance.

Time is the key word.  Something of importance to this amazing man.  No, I don’t know him personally, but how lucky of the people who have gotten to know him before and after everything.  It was up until the movie I just happened to come across on HBO, “The Theory of Everything”.  If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you take the time to watch it.  There we go again with time.

I always wrote about time, if you’ve seen my previous postings – the ones that didn’t seem forced – the posts from the very beginning.  I knew it then, but now I understand it. What an inspirational movie.  It’s motivational.  I can see clearer, even better with the world around me.  Time is the biggest factor.  Stephen Hawking made me see this, made me realize the importance of time, even if it was just a movie, and he an actor in a film.  Everything was real.  The struggles he faced, he overcame them. Two years they say, yet he proved them wrong.  He is still living, contributing to the world his work and his thoughts.  Every thought leads to an idea.  Every idea is worthy of understanding.  There’s meaning to such discovery.  We just have to realize the importance of time.  I have not read his book, “A Brief History of Time”, but it surely makes my list of the my top reads – I’m about to purchase the Kindle version on Amazon as I type, and hope to make some time to read it through.

I still don’t know much about Stephen Hawking or his accomplishments or everything that he contributed to society.  All I know is the meaning he gave life.  He reminds me of a man I once knew, he was famous to me, but not famous to the world.  Stephen Hawking and my grandfather lived similar lives.  Similar as in the way they lived their life was a time well spent.  I’m not planning on comparing the brilliant man to my grandfather, I’m merely stating how two men struggle(d) with pain, yet still manage(d) to put a smile on everyone’s faces.  A smart way to live because who really has time for you, if you are sitting around angry and complaining?

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.  Stephen Hawking

A brilliant man, indeed.  He helped me see with a better eye of the world in all its elements of time.


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