What are Words?


They are just letters added together to create a meaning.  It’s just a mark on a piece of paper.  Those marks are what make the sentences richer.  Each word inspires a thought. A discovery. A way of life.  Each word has a purpose…. and each sentence creates something beautiful.

What are words?

Words.  They are fillers, but are needed to be the voice.  Listen.  Hear the words on the piece of paper.  See the words spoken out loud.  To hear and to see, it’s a matter of how the word is formed within your mind. Life is a mystery.  Live curiously.  Words are something that make up a brilliant mind.  Everyone has a wonderful brain.  Everyone has the words in their mind to form something great.  There is such a thing as a greater purpose for an individual.  You just have to find it. It’s just a matter of how you use that mind.  In time and within your life, there is a purpose for everything.

What’s the purpose?

                                      the purpose of words?

Life is generated based off of words.  A single world creates a theory: T I M E

What is time?

This single word creates a thought.  How does one use it accordingly?  What can we create with one single word? How do we live our lives based on the time we have?  We create our own time.  It’s a matter of how we spend our time.  There is no certain limit of time.  How does one benefit from a time well spent?

I felt inspired.  Time is something important to me, yet I gave up on it.  I stopped referring to it.  Why?
Was I being too redundant?  Life travels within the mind – we all create things, we all discover things, we all have something to teach.  We all have something to contribute.  We all are an inspiration to ourselves and those around us.

It’s just a matter of time – our time – that causes us to realize the purpose of our life.

Time.  Time is the answer.  It’ll come to you when you’re ready to learn, to grow, to keep moving forward . . . to always, always be open to new discoveries and willing to teach the world and the new generations to come.

Time is the answer.  What’s the word?

Time is the most meaningful word to offer one another.

Share the knowledge for time is unlimited and anything is possible if you put in the effort to understand time.  Be grateful for the time you’ve been given.  It’s time that allows you to see the world.

rebeccanne seeing the world for the first time, with a new perspective and time is the key to all success.

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