Escape (4/6 Excerpt from Beyond the Cover)

In case you missed the following links:  Beyond the Cover IntroductionPast (1/6) - optionalNuts for Coco (2/6)Present (3/6) - optional No SleepoversNo Play datesNo PlaysNo TVNo GamesNo musical instrument other than the violin or piano No, No, No.  Rule after rule after rule.  I’m fed up with it.  It’s my senior year in high school and I... Continue Reading →

Present (3/6 Excerpt from Beyond the Cover)

Beyond the Cover IntroductionPast (1/6) - optionalNuts for Coco (2/6) February 2011 I realized something today.  Something very important about my life. I’m living.  But I’m not really alive.  I seem happy.  People see me smiling, laughing, and making jokes.  But can’t you see?  It’s a mask.  I am not okay.  I’m floating in and out... Continue Reading →

Dear World

Dear World, I feel utterly and tragically lost.  I feel the world crashing down on me and crushing me whole.  Gnawing at me.  Pushing me down.  Taking my feet and dragging me.  Throwing me around.  I feel like I am dying inside and I have lost myself.  I feel like I’ve lost me.  I’ve lost... Continue Reading →

Choosing Happiness . . .

Choosing Happiness. Choosing Today. If you read my older post about Chasing Happiness, you'll know where I'm heading with this post.  I spent a lot of time and effort dreaming about the day I will be happy instead of simply living in the present, being in the moment, and choosing to be happy right now.... Continue Reading →

Chasing Happiness

The answer to all your questions and concerns about Happiness is here.  Not there. Not in the future.  Not with someone in particular.  Not anywhere.  But here.  It begins and stays with YOU. You can’t just chase happiness.  Searching and searching for some artificial factor.  Moving from one place to the next.  Working towards your... Continue Reading →

Are You Stupid?

Three words that kill me from the start. While writing Tasks are only as difficult as the mind believes it is, I realized why I do what I do and why breaking the cycle has been such a struggle. Realizations happen when you least expect it and sometimes they come at exactly the right moments. At... Continue Reading →

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