Chasing Happiness

The answer to all your questions and concerns about Happiness is here.  Not there. Not in the future.  Not with someone in particular.  Not anywhere.  But here.  It begins and stays with YOU. You can’t just chase happiness.  Searching and searching for some artificial factor.  Moving from one place to the next.  Working towards your own success and future goals.  Thinking if this happens, I will be happy.  Dreaming about the day you finally reach your goal and the happiness that will follow it.  Trying to buy, eat, and even exercise your way to happiness is only burying your own unhappiness through artificial happiness that is only temporary.  Trying to work towards the happiness you hope to gain is a bit of a stretch. Trust me, for years I’ve been trying to chase happiness.

It sounds so very wrong to say, but in my mind the only way that makes sense.  It’s all about the right mindset, right?  Well, how do you know you have the right mindset in the first place?  That’s the thing, you don’t.  There is no right or wrong answer to happiness or what will lead you to achieve happiness.  It’s the choices you make, the things you tell yourself, the beliefs that strengthens your mental state that will lead to your utmost satisfaction. It’s the hope and wishful thinking you give yourself.  It’s the gift of today you allow yourself to have.  It’s the rays of sun shining down on you uplifting your spirit.  If you find it hard, you sorta need to trick your mind.  Play with your mind, but not toy with it.  A mind is a sensitive place and should be handled delicately.  It is possible to find happiness from within.  Be satisfied with yourself in the present.  Love yourself. Treat yourself with respect.  Appreciate all that you’ve done and have faith in yourself that you can overcome any struggle.  You can’t chase happiness, but you can surely train both head and heart to work together in loving yourself.  And all the positive vibes, thoughts, and actions will soon follow.  Love yourself deeply.  Feed the soul with creativity and immerse yourself in your passions.

Try not to bury your unhappiness.  Make note of it.  Be aware of the gloomy days.  Really think about what exactly caused you to feel this way.  Make a note of that too. Every emotion matters, it helps create a better version of self in the long run, but to get out of a rut comes from within.  No one can tell you how to live your life, it’s whatever brings you the most joy.  And since every individual is constantly growing, you can create new joy, new loves, and new passions.  That’s the thing about chasing happiness, it’s in your hands and you are the driver.  You control the outcome.  When life hands you lemons, you… duh, make lemonade.  It’s simple.  I know it. I’m sure you know it.  Finding happiness, it isn’t rocket science, but it sure is a bit complex.  You have to find your own rhythm.

Happiness comes from within.  If you find yourself in a crappy situation, try not to mope around feeling sorry for yourself.  Try to find the light in the situation.  Everything happens for a reason and if you believe and have faith in yourself that you can get out of the rut, it WILL happen.  An uplifting spirit is way better than feeling helpless and covered in worry.  There are positives in every situation, you may be blinded to see it, but if you’re calm and let go of the negative energy, things will begin to work in your favor.  A trick I’ve learned is when a negative thought pops up, say something positive to yourself instead.

Unhappiness has a way of following you. It’s like a well-trained pet that always knows how to find it’s way home whenever lost outside.  Start practicing self-love today as opposed to saying you will love yourself tomorrow.  Happiness comes in all forms, but being overall happy with your life is creating an atmosphere in your life that you love to be in.  Future achievements are only temporary, finding inner peace is a lifelong commitment and the start to achieving happiness.  You don’t find happiness by the amount of followers you gain in social media or the amount of success you have. You find happiness within yourself and the first step towards that is loving yourself and the skin you are in.

Finally opening my heart to loving myself fully, rebeccanne

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