indifferent to the robotic man

At this point,
i’m indifferent.
I stand motionless,
unable to move.
It’s out of my control.
Silence fills the air.
My voice is mute,
your opinions don’t matter.
I’m not being heard.
my thoughts.
my actions.
my words.
all of me.
Every part of me,
s c r e a m s
wake up!
can you HEAR me?
no one seems to notice.
no one seems to be aware.
no one seems to understand.
can you SEE me?
where is my point of view
change is impossible
especially in the eyes of the robotic man.
The robotic man is a perfectionist.
Does it dare to see others in a different light?
It’s oblivious to the change that is so desperately needed.
Does it dare to admit failure?
Robotic man does not recognize its’ own destruction,
its’ own fallout.
Repairing the robotic man is like taking on an unthinkable task,
it’s almost near impossible.
exhaustion beats the unwanted pushing & shoving.
It’s not eager to be mended.
The wound is just a paper cut,
but continues to deepen.
How much longer can I
fend off the constant pushing and shoving from the robotic man.
So, I stand.
sniffing the stale kind of air.
holding my breath
from what’s to come
watching and waiting
for the utmost destruction
for the explosive explosion
that puts an end to such a battle….


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