One Day…

One day the pain will disappear.
One day you will be more confident.
One day you will earn a lot of money.
One day success will follow you.
One day you will lead by example.
One day you will live a healthy lifestyle.
One day people will treat you like a somebody.
One day those dark thoughts will cease to exist.
One day you will be that writer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.
One day you will be a reputable model at a modeling agency you adore.
One day people will look up to you and what you represent.
One day you will be the stranger who changes someone’s life within an instant.

One day….  One day?

Dreaming is a fantasy.  Actions for your dreams are what make dreams into a reality.  Dreaming of that One Day won’t help you achieve where you want to go.

One day… will (probably) have your happily ever after.


January 14, 2014


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