Reality Check

Time is extremely important.  Don’t take that for granted.

There are so many incidents where I over-think and over-plan.  It is quite excessive.  I tend to lose track of the road ahead.  There is such a thing of time reaching its limit.  For those of you who have felt lost or felt as if there’s not enough time overall to make a better life for yourself–I’ve created a list of my reality checks that have been helping me.  The statement is true:  As one grows older, the wiser one becomes.  Overtime, I have been adding more helpful tips that keep me going!  Hopefully some of my reality checks will work well for you.

1.  Your dreams will not come true unless you DO something about it.

2.  You will lead a healthy life, if only you are committed to a new lifestyle.

3.  Happy thoughts are key to enjoying life more – even if you have to trick yourself in the process.
Change: Every morning stretch and smile while saying:  “Today is going to be an excellent day!”

4.  The only way to overcome your fear is to put your big pants on and go for it.
 Solution:  If you have no guts or confidence, dance a crazy dance, sprint a 100m dash,  jump up and down or do something crazy for a couple seconds to get your adrenaline pumping and BAM, you’re ready to take on the world.

5.  Say “YES”– even if it frightens you to do so
   (*just nothing illegal, crazy stupid, or immoral*)

6.  The best way to be a good person is to be kind to all (rude and mean people included)
Word of Advice:  It’s not nice to be rude.

7.  Don’t let fear control you.  You might miss opportunities that you shouldn’t be turning away from.

8.  Spending time always preparing and planning for an activity is a complete waste of time.

9 .  If you cheat or break on your new lifestyle, chances are you’re going to keep breaking it.
Helpful Tip: Remind yourself what will happen if you break your own promise. “Must. Resist. Temptation.”

10.  Laughing, Dancing, and Writing are great ways of  therapy!  (well, at least that’s my therapy, what’s yours?)

— TO BE CONTINUED –; Reality Check Part 2


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