The Truth about Pain

. . . is that it makes you question everything . . . Nothing seems to help. The fear keeps on creeping. Darkness shatters faith. The hole is beginning. You're left standing in the darkness.  Thinking.  Pondering. Wondering what went wrong.  Why is it you that is suffering?  Did you deserve this?  What's God's big... Continue Reading →

The “Right” Way

Ok--- So let’s just clear the air on this whole right way/wrong way matter per my brief mention in: Living in Fear.  I’m neither a nutritionist, nor a personal trainer and to top that all off I have absolutely NO authority whatsoever to tell you how to be fit. All this knowledge I’m passing onto... Continue Reading →

Choosing Happiness . . .

Choosing Happiness. Choosing Today. If you read my older post about Chasing Happiness, you'll know where I'm heading with this post.  I spent a lot of time and effort dreaming about the day I will be happy instead of simply living in the present, being in the moment, and choosing to be happy right now.... Continue Reading →

Reality Check 3

Hey all, here’s a reality check after nearly a month long silence. This may be a little long because  A. I have learned A LOT over the past year and the knowledge has been piling higher and higher,  and B. Life was definitely a bit rough with its’ endless amounts of challenges to overcome in... Continue Reading →

Pratice what you Preach

Easier said than done, right?  I often catch myself being a hypocrite.  Getting upset with my loved ones around me for not listening to me about eating habits and exercise.  Trying to lecture them, when I am struggling to keep balance on my own.  Shaking my head at myself for preaching what I can’t even... Continue Reading →

Obstacles are good

It's good to remember obstacles are a part of life.  No matter how frustrating and how annoying they tend to be.  Obstacles are put in place in order to give you problem-solving skills to challenge you into the direction you are destined to go.  You never know what forces are working around you to help... Continue Reading →

Reality Check – Part 2

And so the Reality Checks continue . . . Reality Checks 1-10 11.  There’s no such thing as a person changing overnight.  It takes time and commitment to grow and mature.  It’s a progression you must be willing to follow through with. 12.  Finding excuses only makes the procrastination worse.  Plus, it’s a bad habit... Continue Reading →

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