Pratice what you Preach

Easier said than done, right?  I often catch myself being a hypocrite.  Getting upset with my loved ones around me for not listening to me about eating habits and exercise.  Trying to lecture them, when I am struggling to keep balance on my own.  Shaking my head at myself for preaching what I can’t even manage to do for myself.  Silly me for projecting my own insecurities onto others.  If I want others to listen to what knowledge I have to offer, I must first hear myself and face my battle from within to do what others can’t.  Do first, then help others see their own potential.  Talk to yourself like I talk to others.  Get it through your thick head that if you want to see change, you do something about it.  If you are not happy, take on another route.  There are no shortcuts in life, but there are multiple ways to get to wherever it is that you want to go.  All leading to the same end result.  It’s like a maze, all you need to do is figure out which path is the best for you, without self-doubt getting in the way to ruin your cycle.

Through your almost 26 years of life, you’ve grown to understand that there will be obstacles blocking your path and it is important to have trust, faith, and belief in yourself that you can overcome anything blocking your view.  You use your strength and willpower to move forward and push through all the debris cutting the soles of your feet.  You will feel the pain, but the chains loosen its’ grip on you as you regain the courage to not allow self-doubt take over your mind.  You let your mind think of greatness, and you will achieve anything.  You let the negativities on life get the best of you, it’ll drag you down further and each time you’re held back is like stepping in quicksand.

Don’t drown in your own sorrows. Don’t degrade yourself.  Don’t reprimand yourself.  Instead encourage yourself.  You are your own cheerleader.  Be your motivation.  Be your inspiration.  Follow your story and create your own journey.  Let the pain create the flame to continue on a successful path.  The pain you experience is a way of telling you you are alive.  So LIVE! Don’t give up, face the challenge head on.  Take that step forward.

The time is now, don’t preach, do . . . and others may follow.


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