Reality Check 3

Hey all, here’s a reality check after nearly a month long silence.
This may be a little long because 
A. I have learned A LOT over the past year and the knowledge has been piling higher and higher, 
and B. Life was definitely a bit rough with its’ endless amounts of challenges to overcome in a limited amount of time. 
So Here goes– Reality Check Part 3: 
(In case you wanted to read part 1 or part 2)

24. Focus on the present. Tomorrow will come, but today is the only day that you cannot repeat. 
25. Don’t hold a grudge on your past. Yes, the past is the past, but every moment up till this very moment was a learning experience to carry forward. Anything that happened to you in the past, no matter how big or small, created the very you reading this post. And the very you that’s in control of your own life. Even though some or most of the time, we tend to get caught up in the chaoticness of daily life, the world is your creation.  
26. Stop thinking you have no friends – you are loved. 
27. Stop trying to just fit in—focus on people who care about you. Surround yourself with those who create optimism and who encourage greatness from you. People who lift you higher, make you into a better person, and people who generally make you feel comfortable being the person that you are are people to keep around.  
28. Live life with a full heart, don’t drown in the problems of others. Listen with good intent, give advice on matters that you believe in, but don’t sponge up their issues and make them your own. 
29. Not everyone will like you. Some people are just mean, period. Don’t let them ruin the beauty that you’ve created for yourself. Don’t waste your energy or your time on bullies who make you feel inferior, who make you think less of yourself, who constantly make fun of you or degrade you, and who most definitely could care less about you. You don’t need them in your life. You certainly don’t need their approval on the standing of your life. Shake it off the best way you know how, breathe, calm, and carry on through life.  
30. The only person you need to please is yourself. You don’t need the approval of others to justify who you are as a person and the things you do to achieve whatever goals you have.  
31. You can’t see the good in others if you are clouded by the negativity you see in yourself. In order to love others, love yourself. 
32. Start sharing your story. Open up & be the inspiration others need. We all have a story. We all need to learn from what others contribute. 
33. Life creates hurdles to challenge you: With each obstacle you overcome, brings another challenge to fight through . . .each harder than the last. 
34. Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you can put the way you want to live your life on hold. Find a way to incorporate all that you want to do, but don’t make excuses for your own procrastination. If you’re torn between doing something and not doing something–making excuses or saying I’ll do it tomorrow is a sure sign to doing it then and now. Tomorrow is another day, yes, but commit to the day given to you already.  
35. Don’t be stuck with a job you hate, go after something more meaningful to you and not just what others expect of you to do. Don’t let others set your high standards on the way you live your life, embrace your weaknesses and strengths and go after what you want to do. 
36. “Easier said than done.” is an overused saying and should not excuse any behavior or 
uncompleted task, especially a goal you’ve been trying to achieve for some time. Try to refrain yourself from saying this too often. You can keep procrastinating all you want, but it will certainly guide you adrift to your end goal. 
37. Allow yourself to dream, but don’t get trapped between the fantasy world and reality. Take action and live out the dream. 
38. Chasing Happiness is harder than I anticipated.  
39. Life is a game. You win some, you lose some. Everyone loves a little mystery, but when it comes to your own life, it’s a rollercoaster filled with surprises. 


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