es – ca – pe

i need to.

far away.


i got to go.

finally it hits me.


like a rock to the chest- yes, literally, someone threw a rock at me.

this once security net is . . .

no longer…


nothing is ever safe.

life is filled with surprises

it’s either great or bad, very very bad.

under the circumstances of today, I’d say it’s time to move forward

just away . . .


hiding is not an option.

can’t do it.

no more masking the pain, no more battling within, no more of this nonsense.

i’ve stayed too long.

i’ve overstayed my welcome.

my heart knew it from the very beginning,

and now my head is finally following.

it was a slow process.

but it’s time.

& time is screaming out to me.

it’s been calling and calling for my attention

but the voices were merely a muffle

drowned out by my own self-doubt,

but I hear you loud and clear.
Leave. Time to go. This is not your place.  You’ve known it since the day you started.  You can find something else.  This safety net will eventually find its’ ending, why not beat it to the punch and move on? C’mon. I support you.  Go ahead and take the leap. Have faith that everything will work out, because everything eventually does lead to something better.  This is your time to bounce.  Deck out and never look back. 

rebeccanne finally realizing there is a better way to enjoy life.

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