Don’t over think, just do.

I’m over thinking it.  I just need to follow through with the action that is so yearning to break-free.  It’s just like acting class, if your body feels like slapping your partner across the face, let it be.  It’s only natural and looks more realistic.  If you want to step forward instead of backward, don’t... Continue Reading →

Hungry or just bored? . . . a little victory

hmm… Light fills the dark room as the refrigerator door swings open.  The cold air rushes out leaving goosebumps on her skin.  She’s tapping her pointer finger to her chin.  hmm…. Squatting down to eye level, she sticks her head inside, hmm...  Looking into the cold box, she notices there’s nothing but veggies, some pasta,... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

Time is extremely important.  Don't take that for granted. There are so many incidents where I over-think and over-plan.  It is quite excessive.  I tend to lose track of the road ahead.  There is such a thing of time reaching its limit.  For those of you who have felt lost or felt as if there's... Continue Reading →

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