Hungry or just bored? . . . a little victory

hmm… Light fills the dark room as the refrigerator door swings open.  The cold air rushes out leaving goosebumps on her skin.  She’s tapping her pointer finger to her chin.  hmm…. Squatting down to eye level, she sticks her head inside, hmm…  Looking into the cold box, she notices there’s nothing but veggies, some pasta, and an already prepared fruit plate.  Disappointed, she closes the fridge.  Stands there for a few seconds, thinking, tapping her foot, and thinking.  Her eyes light up as she bounces back to the secret stash of goodies.  Unlimited amounts of chocolate and candy and sweets! Oh my!  She reaches, salivating, already tastes the chocolate on her tongue.  Pausing suddenly, she feels guilt, save these for the trick or treaters.

Hovering over the chocolate, eyes glazing on each candy bar like a puppy suddenly becoming an even cuter puppy begging for food, finding herself arguing with herself.

you’re not even hungry.
but i want something . . .
you’re just munching
I’ll only have one
bs, you and i both know that’s not gonna happen.  once you start, you’ll never stop
but… but… but….

Remembering her recent lifestyle change, wanting to eat healthier, be healthier, wanting to stop the constant munching, and wanting to cut down on sugars.  She sighs and walks away from the ever so tempting chocolate candy bars…Here’s to a little victory.

Whenever you’ve finished a meal and you still feel “hungry”, wait it out a little more.  Drink some water.  Let the food settle.  Relax before reaching into the snack cabinet.  Wait at least one hour before deciding on getting a snack.  And when you feel your mini gluten devil creepin’ up on you and you feel yourself giving into the temptation, take a breather and pause for one minute.  Yes, one minute, exactly!  You can still eye the food you’re looking at, but just remember what you’ve been trying to do.  All this work you are trying to achieve, and you are almost there.  Remember the commitment you made with yourself. Be wary of what the consequences are if you do give into temptation and take a bite out of the overly sugared or overly salted deliciousness staring you down.

It’s always difficult in the beginning, but every little victory works wonders for you.  Every step of the way, the commitment to yourself grows stronger, and you win the argument with yourself every time.  It’s a promise that once it’s broken, it’s a little more difficult to recover from because it’s a promise you made to yourself.

A little win for me today.  Knowing that I am planning to eat Auntie Annie’s Pretzels with my mom today, I’m glad I defended myself and stopped munching before a wave of unpleasant emotions runs through me.

Oh my gosh, I just realized how awful that kind of sounds… Me not giving into temptation, saying that’s my little victory, when I know that later on today I will be chowing down on a yummy and very sugary cinnamon sugar pretzel – my fave! I have been semi-good all week, just have been having trouble with the munching in the afternoon.  Today not so much – yay!

But, I do believe cheat days are necessary.  Of course not all the time!  That would defeat the purpose of the promise to yourself.  By the way, notice I don’t use the term “diet”.  Diet has way too many negative connotations to it.  I choose to use the word “promise” or “lifestyle change”, which is true, I am trying to move into a healthier way of life.  I have succeeded, but cheat days allow me to enjoy the kinds of foods I had when I was growing up, like Filipino food and all the glorious sweetening desserts, or a cinnabon roll from the Cinnabon stores at malls or Auntie Annie’s Pretzels, or Oberweis Ice Cream, or Portillos, or OMG STOP— Okay, you get the point, but eating those unhealthy snacks/food is something I rarely do.  After being on the Arbonne thing for a few months now, I know what kinds of food upsets my stomach and I lean away from them.  So double victory. Arbonne helped me learn which foods I can handle.  Yay, for Arbonne Essentials!

Anyway . . . the point is. . .
If you are trying to change a bad habit or eat healthier, the key is to take those baby steps.  Make each little win happen for you and you can reach that big victory you’ve always been aiming for.

That’s it for now.


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