Today surely is an EXCELLENT day!!

Ok- so as you must know.  I’m pretty shy.  Actually, I’m so shy that I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes.  Things are getting better, but I’m still a pretty shy person!

I actually have anxiety building when I try something new, or go to new places by myself, or do something that frightens me.

You all know I’m trying really hard to get into modeling.  And I have been putting off seeing agents for some time.  Too nervous.  Too scared.  I kept making up excuses.  I’m not fit enough.  I’m not tall enough.  I’m not thin enough.  All things that are self-doubt and all things troubling.

I have no excuse now.  I’ve lost the weight.  I’m at the required fashion measurements.  *kinda, sorta*.  I am currently seeing a physical trainer to get fit, and have been 100% committed to it.

Last week, I decided to try commercial agencies first and planned a morning filled with raw images and created a bunch of email drafts targeted towards a bunch of agencies I’m interested in.

Just sent out the messages, feeling kind of calm, a little anxious, and even felt a sense of regret after hitting “send”.  5 minutes later, I received a phone call from one of the agencies. OMG!!! That was flippin’ fast!

I was shaking, smiling really big, and literally jumping up and down in my cubicle.

Meeting with an agent tomorrow!  Wish me luck!!  I hope they love me that they sign with me!  Super nervous now!


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