Reality Check – Part 2

And so the Reality Checks continue . . .

Reality Checks 1-10

11.  There’s no such thing as a person changing overnight.  It takes time and commitment to grow and mature.  It’s a progression you must be willing to follow through with.

12.  Finding excuses only makes the procrastination worse.  Plus, it’s a bad habit to keep.

13. Constantly worrying about the little things in life that are out of your control are not worth the time and your health.  Nothing and nobody is perfect — learn to let go.

14.  Comparing yourself to others causes envy and jealousy or too much pride.  Either way it’s not an attractive sight.  Be modest and true to yourself and who you are.  Everyone has a different path in life.  No line is the same.  Everyone’s individual line is unique to their individual self.  No one experiences the same things in the same exact way, no matter the battle and no matter the excitement.  Others may have started with the strength before you realized you had that strength.  Go with the flow.  Follow your own beat of rhythm.

15. Trying to control everything is like trying to change somebody who doesn’t want to be changed.
Word of Advice: Take a few deep breaths.  Be calm and relax.  If you get frustrated or upset, do something else and go back to it a while later.  You’ll have a clearer mind and better judgement.

16. Your eyes tell the whole story.  Be wary of the negative vibes coming out of it.  Be cautious of where you’re waving that negativity around.  It’s not a pretty sight.

17. You don’t need someone’s approval.  Write for yourself, not for the sake of writing.

18. The silence of early morning is very calming and relaxing.  If you give it a chance, you might experience a breakthrough in your life.  Great ideas come when you least expect it.

19. Food is not limited, especially to us.  Enjoy it.  Don’t just shovel it into your mouth without savoring each bite.  This is a good way to not overeat, maintain weight (if you’re trying to lose weight), and to become food cultured about different flavors.  Don’t take advantage of your taste buds, it’s a sense that is one of our greatest gifts.

20. Emotions are a part of life.  Don’t hide behind them.  Feeling anger, frustration, envy, sad, depression, fear, etc. are all natural emotions that drive us forward.  Although, these are negative emotions, it is best to recognize them, acknowledge the why the feeling arose, and let the change to become a better person come from within.

21. Don’t over-think, just do.  Don’t care about what other people think of you.  It’s okay to be a bit weird.  If that is the side of you that opens up yourself socially, don’t hide behind it.  Embrace it.  Being weird is what makes you special.  Chances are you’ll never see them again and if you do… well, that’s their problem, not yours.  Being yourself is what makes you stand out among the crowd.  Be yourself and people will remember you.

22. Voice out.  People will respect you more in the long run.
Added bonus: you won’t be invisible and people will notice that you have good ideas too.

23.  Don’t stress out too much about making the right decision.  In the end, it’s up to you.  No one can fight your battles for you.  No one can protect you forever, no matter how hard they try.  Trust your gut instinct.  It’s okay to take risks.  Having tough decisions and opportunities presented to you is a good challenge.  It’s good to be realistic, but don’t let your head stop you from the risk you should’ve taken.

There are many things that came into view for me throughout my journey so far.  I still have a lot to learn and realize.  I hope you find these reality checks that I’ve come across helpful in your life.

— TO BE CONTINUED —- Reality Check Part 3


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