Life’s Not Done

Hilong time no seeI know it’s beenages since youlast saw me.Since you lastheard from me, sinceI lastspoke of this - this darknessyep, the very same, the one that makes merun ‘n hidefrom fear, fromchaos, frominconceivable pain,not the physical kindnot only the physical kindthe withering, the overwhelming, thetorturous ghost that'salways been, yet seems tonever go awaythe emotional, the heartbreakingly,... Continue Reading →

Stuck Inside

It's not because the threat of COVID19 It's not because I'm a natural hermit, a homebody I'm not unable It's not like I don't know how It's because I'm frozen. I'm stuck inside trapped I don't know how to escape from the maze of my own mind my own brain is working against my own... Continue Reading →

The Night

What an interesting time of day, The Darkness The Silence Everything gone mute. Not a single sound Only thoughts of clarification Peace of mind The Night -- so calm so mysterious so . . . wonderful Gazing into the darkness slowly turning bright. How strange... overlooking beyond the horizon, you see one tiny dot lifting up... Continue Reading →


I wish there was a pause button. I wish I can just put my life on hold. All these struggles keep blocking my line of vision. It seems impossible to get through. It’s taking forever to climb over the obstacles. I’m faced with issues that make me need to stop and rest. I can’t move... Continue Reading →


Dreaming of the day I am free Free from the desperation Desperation of taking over Over there I will escape Escape from reality Reality weighing me down Down below the surface gasping Gasping for air, the chance The chance to run away Away from here Here and there There is a time Time and place... Continue Reading →


I wrote this poem in January of 2007, when the troubles in my life began.  I feel as if many people had a time in their lives that felt like this, and hope no one ever feels like this again or ever, so I'd like to share these feelings with you. When life falls apart,... Continue Reading →

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