I’m back

Family Dinner at Miami

Here I am
I’m back
that I am

a relaxing vacation
overlooking the horizon
swaying left and right
with the ocean waves

watching the sunrise and set
each and every day

basking in the sun
dipping my toes in the clear ocean waters
covered in white sand as I walk across the beach

front and center to the underwater life of
beautiful vivid colors of
schools of fish and coral reefs:
blue, purple, and bright bright yellow
coming and going in all sorts of directions

the slick and smooth feeling of a dolphin’s skin
beautiful and freeing
stroking, petting, and caressing
how I love you so
dolphins are my favorite

watching them jump and swim
my, my, how fast they go
splash around and twist and turn
wow, they are amazing

spending time with the sisters,
the nephew,
and the parents,
a bumpy ride I should say
filled with fits, annoyance, distance,
but laughter, happiness, and shared moments.

eating food ‘till the belly can take no more
dressing up and fine dining
free wine and tasteful selections
delicious entrees and sweet sweet desserts

this was the life
for a relaxing, rejuvenating, re-energizing week
a beautiful week
a magnificent week
a week with no work and no worries

but now I’m back.
reached the destination
and here i am
I’m back…
that I am


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