Future (5/6 Excerpt from Beyond the Cover)

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Beyond the Cover Introduction
Past (1/6) – optional
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Present (3/6) – optional
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I don’t know where I’m heading.
It’s the future.
How can I tell?
The world is filled with possibilities.
我真不知道。I really don’t know.
I struggle with my future.
I’m confused.
I’m not focused.
I wish it came easy.
I only have dreams.
Will I be in pain or will I be free from it?
Will life get easier or harder?
When will I graduate?
Will I become fluent in Chinese?
我有很多问题, I have so many questions,
Yet they remain unanswered.
I live in the present.
Not having any future plans.
Maybe I’ll live in China for a year or two.
Teach English? 也许吧 Perhaps
以后呢?我怎么知道!别问我。Afterwards? How can I know! Don’t ask me.

Note: Again, please keep in mind that I wrote this in 2011, that is about seven years!  A lot has happened since then, and I’m sure in your life as well.

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