Future (5/6 Excerpt from Beyond the Cover)

If you haven't done so already, please read the following links: Beyond the Cover Introduction Past (1/6) - optional Nuts for Coco (2/6) Present (3/6) - optional Escape (4/6) I don’t know where I’m heading. It’s the future. How can I tell? The world is filled with possibilities. 我真不知道。I really don’t know. I struggle with my future.... Continue Reading →

Present (3/6 Excerpt from Beyond the Cover)

Beyond the Cover IntroductionPast (1/6) - optionalNuts for Coco (2/6) February 2011 I realized something today.  Something very important about my life. I’m living.  But I’m not really alive.  I seem happy.  People see me smiling, laughing, and making jokes.  But can’t you see?  It’s a mask.  I am not okay.  I’m floating in and out... Continue Reading →

Story Time: About a Girl, Part 3

PART ONE & PART TWO why me.......... why me? Sitting in my room with the door closed.  Staring down at a piece of paper with questions and blank spaces and a mechanical pencil at hand.  Looking through the book for answers. I hate this.  The pain increases by the minute.  why must I suffer?  Sharpness... Continue Reading →

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