TVC – Setthasiri by Sansiri

A rebooking from my first TVC, but this time with a mom role with two kids.  I must've been in my early teens when I had these kids 😉 -haha, Thai commercials tend to hire young females to play mom roles; many of my model friends along with myself find it pretty humorous, yet sad... Continue Reading →

TVC – Smeg Thai

This was my second TVC in Bangkok and by far took the longest time to air in Thailand. It was an extremely long day, so we were exhausted and a little annoyed, but it was worth it because the results beat the difficulty parts.  Call time was 6AM and we wrapped up by 12am.  It took so... Continue Reading →

TVC – Sansiri Condos

I'm so excited to share with everyone my very first TV Commercial (TVC) that aired in Thailand.  I had such fond memories for this being my first TVC that I booked, mostly because I literally didn't have to do anything for this shoot.  If you watch the video, you'll see bits and pieces of me.  One where... Continue Reading →

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