TVC – Setthasiri by Sansiri

A rebooking from my first TVC, but this time with a mom role with two kids.  I must’ve been in my early teens when I had these kids 😉 -haha, Thai commercials tend to hire young females to play mom roles; many of my model friends along with myself find it pretty humorous, yet sad for all the appropriate aged moms out there. But, it is what it is when it comes to Thai on screen.

I didn’t get to fly to an exciting new city to shoot this, not like I had time to venture off and explore on my own the first time, but no spontaneous flying for me. My “family” did end up driving to the outskirts of the city, suburban Bangkok lifestyle with a neighborhood vibe. It was not just one house that we shot our footage, it was multiple homes, just each with a different view.

Every time I watch this TVC, I see flashes in my head of moments during filming.  Like a feeling I had, something I saw, a moment I had with a member of the crew, Danny (my set-hubby and also my model friend within my agency), a shared look or a laugh from a familiar face.

Starting from my first scene, they asked me if I could drive.  I hesitantly said yes because I was worried about being in control on a different side of the car.  They didn’t film me driving though, so what a relief. – A part of me wishes I didn’t chicken out, so I knew what it felt like.  But that’s the thing with this crew, they would never make you do anything you’re not 100% comfortable doing.

Every outdoors scene was filmed 2 ways; a few from standing position and always from a distance, and a few times with a drone to get that aerial perspective. It’s interesting to watch the final product after doing the scenes, it’s become second nature in my mind, and unfortunately am not as satisfied as I’d like to be as I find myself thinking of new/better ways I could’ve done the scene.  I’m always trying to improve myself for future bookings.

The scene where the kids were doing their “homework” was every mother’s nightmare as I thought to myself, all these snacks were just plain sugar, minus the orange, but EVERYTHING on the table was like walking into the witch’s house in Hansel & Gretel. Don’t get me started on the book I was looking at; zooming in looked like an ordinary book of the stars, but actually, I was more nervous of turning the pages to a naked picture of some random male or female when the kids were right by my side!

During the kids trampoline scene, Danny and I were on break in one of the houses, eating all the bad snacks, and conversing about our health and what to do to make it better. One of my most inspiring and enlightening conversations I’ve had during my stay in Thailand.

I think I had the most difficulty playing the mom-role and acting natural.  Out of all the scenes, I’d say the telescope scene was the hardest for me to act like a family.  At some parts I was too stiff and wasn’t moving at all, it almost seemed statuesque.  I mean, it seemed natural to me, but on-camera it was awkward. It took some time, but with time, the little girl was getting tired, we all, even the crew was getting tired. It was a full day’s worth of shooting from a 6am call time to a midnight wrapping up, and we still had to drive back, which took another hour.  A new experience for me, definitely, and an experience I’d take with me to make it better, in case it happens again in the future.

Still had a lot of fun on the shoot and it was leading up to my final days in Bangkok that I ended up saying my goodbyes to them, especially Oh (again, have no idea how to spell his name). This was by far my favorite team to work with.  Everyone was so welcoming and social that made the time fly by and put everyone at ease.  I hope I get the chance to work with them again when I do make it back to Thailand for modeling.

A print ad from the TVC that was plastered everywhere on the BTS stations (Skytrain).

Agency: AREA Management (Bangkok, Thailand)

IG: @rebeccanneuy

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