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This was a two-day shoot. On the first day, it was just Mark (the model next to me), myself, and the team.  We ate a few bites from seven different restaurants. Anybody who knows me, knows that I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth. So, booking this job was like heaven to me and quite possibly the worst thing to happen to me all at the same time. I was struggling to not give in to all the delicious foods Thailand had to offer me, but it was like dangling someone’s favorite drink in front of a week sober alcoholic.  Or maybe not that drastic. But, I’m not here to discuss the start of me eating terrible food and losing the shape I worked so hard to get in to even go to Thailand to model, I’m here to talk about just how awesomely delicious this shoot was!

I am so thankful to have booked a job to enjoy such yummy foods for free, well I got paid to eat, so not exactly free – lol-  These places weren’t exactly on the affordable list, but definitely one of those foods you treat yourself to.

Kyoto Inari – if you love anything with Matcha in it, this is one of my favorites. It’s a little kiosk area inside any of the sister Central Worlds around Bangkok.  I took my friend here to buy whatever it was that I had in the image below, but unfortunately couldn’t find it on the list and ended up getting something not nearly as exciting. I seriously love Matcha green tea anything, so it wasn’t a disappointment.

Farm Design – Cheesecake is my least favorite dessert, but there was something about this that I fell in love with.  It wasn’t creamy like what I’ve been used to, it was light and airy and omg tasty. The flavors were subtle. The designs were pretty, definitely Instagram worthy if you’re one of those people. 😉 The shakes were pure sugar, maybe that’s why I couldn’t put them down.

Wine I Love You – I didn’t get to eat that delicious looking rib that you see, but I was able to taste the sauce on my finger ;), sweet and tangy like any normal BBQ flavoring.  The pink lemonade or strawberry passion drink we had in our hands, on the other hand, was very refreshing and had a little sizzle.  Also very good on a hot summer day and I’m sure compliments the ribs in an odd way.

Dom Café & Bistro – Ok, so maybe I lied in the beginning . . . that we got to try 7 different restaurants . . . because we never actually got to try this for some reason.  I think this was the last take of the day and we were running out of time or something, but it looked pretty appetizing. Especially with the dry ice that was involved.  One of the crew members was using a book to fan the smoke out onto our table.

Sizzler– Also, one of the things I don’t remember trying.  Come to think of it, I don’t even remember sitting next to it.

Greyhound Café – The first dish that was placed in front of us and the first time we understood what was actually happening.  Nobody told us that we were going to be shooting pictures of us eating from a bunch of different restaurants until it was just happening.  I was so bummed that I left my phone in the upstairs fitting room, because duh I wanted to snapchat the entire experience. We shot this segment and they wrapped it up and one of the crew members turned to me during lunch and was like, “did you want this?” I must’ve had the biggest dorkiest smile on my face when I nodded because he laughed and said, “here you go!”  That salad guys, no ordinary salad, I’m definitely going to try to remake that honeydew, ham, strawberry salad, but I may just lead myself to a disappointed frowny face. The Coconut shake paired very well with the salad, both light and refreshing.  I had a bite of the sponge cake as well, did I forget to mention . . . reuse this word multiple times: light and refreshing!  Wish it was more on the affordable price range for me, because I would’ve eaten their several times.

After You – A personal favorite.  My friends, Jake and Chanel, took me here after our first group casting on my third or fourth day in Bangkok.  *Sigh*, these two friends of mine are worse than me, they are real foodies, so hanging out with them was extremely dangerous. Chanel made us order that huge snow cone mountain thing (kakigori) and I was sold after the first bite of it! SO LIGHT and AIRY – sorry not sorry to be completely redundant for lack of better words to describe this heavenly texture.  There were surprises with each bite, so you can imagine what my face looked like when they brought out this magical piece of heaven to me as we shot that segment. Those fruit drinks were good, I don’t know why they called them Frappes though – every time I see Frappe I think of coffee, and there’s certainly not any coffee in this shot as you can see. I was perfectly satisfied with that mound of heaven I had in front of me. I could’ve eaten it all if I wasn’t on a shoot that required me to change outfits for the next shot.

This is dangerous.  Just thinking about this shoot is making me plan all the food I want to devour upon stepping foot in Thailand again, but no, I must resist temptation.

Here are the tearsheets from both Day 1 and Day 2:


Day Two was in studio.  No delicious foods this time, BUT— this studio was so DECKED OUT, it was like a house, with a porch, a little backyard, a few common area rooms, really nice bathrooms, and a staffed kitchen that was ready to serve us for all our hunger needs. There was even a menu and snacks galore.  I mean, the food was really good though.

I think I was more like a backup or maybe they wanted to use me for more work, but they discovered I couldn’t turn my head the way they wanted me to, so they just let me sit and eat my feelings – haha just kidding – So, I did a few scenes when they needed me, but I was only needed about less than half the day in the what 13 hours I was there?  I had an amazing nap on the couch that was really comfy.  Talked about life with the other models. But I did feel really bad for the girl, Juli, she had to work twice as much and judging by the behind the scenes footage . . . I saw a lot of heavy things on her head, so in a way I’m thankful for not doing those segments.

I wished we were able to freely move as we wanted to during the horoscope shots, but they were so set on their image in their minds that we just followed them. It was super interesting to watch the production team work and the hair and makeup change from one look to the next.  They were all so quick about the transition and it made the day go by very smoothly.

So, I have really, and I mean really . . . ugly feet, so I was shocked they wanted to use them.  It was close to midnight and all the other models went home at this point and so this is what they needed me for . . . to stick around and stand awkwardly, shakenly, and almost falling over that I had to hold someone to keep my balance while taking these shots.  Before this shoot, I never would have thought that those shots would be so difficult.  Photoshop totally played a huge role, because there’s absolutely no way my feet would ever look this good.  Shooting my feet was an experience that’s for sure and something I’d do again if I ever got the chance.  I just need more practice standing in awkward positions to have good results.

There were multiple photographers on the team and unfortunately I only remembered and got one of their IG’s: Waroon Tuang, an exceptional fashion photographer based in Thailand who often shoots for Harper’s Bazaar.  I wished I was able to work with him more on an editorial during my stay in Thailand, but there’s always next time.

Check out the tearsheets I got from the second day of shooting.


I didn’t know they were filming us until the day my agents sent the video and I’m glad they did because what better way to show people what it takes to shoot a production such as these:

Day 1

Day 2



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