Editorial – En Vie Magazine

A shoot with my very own dream team I compiled together.  My friend makeup artist, Kerre, was inspired by a high fashion sporty look and she wanted me to be her muse.  It took us a while to get a team in place, but I first contacted Wyll, the stylist.  Immediately upon viewing the inspiration pictures from Kerre, I knew his style would match the theme perfectly. I’ve been eyeing my friend photographer, Clay, for a while and have been asking him about his availability and I finally got him to agree.  We picked a day and everything was set.

The day of the shoot came and I made my now fiancé come with me to watch.  I wanted to share one of my greatest passions with him and he hasn’t seen me work in a really long time.  But- he ended up taking a nap on Clay’s couch the ENTIRE day. That’s the first and last time I ever invite him to a shoot, I mean if you’re not doing anything it could get boring after an hour… Anyways . . .

I love a good jump shot and below you’ll see one. Altogether, there was so much movement involved in this shoot that I loved so much.  I LOVE being able to dance in front of the camera with some crazy footwork or any kind of movement and this shoot did just that. Jumping was getting tedious, but I didn’t mind. I was SO happy to be shooting with my friends and I just knew these images were going to be bomb.

It took a long while for these images to be published in En Vie Magazine in Japan.  It’s an online magazine open to the public, so you can view any issue.  The images were published in the November ’16 issue and this photoshoot took place in January 2016, 10 months of waiting and we were all getting pretty antsy, but here they are!  It’s better late than never, right?


Photographer: Clay Boutte IG: @clayboutte
Hair & Makeup: Kerre IG: @kerreberryhmua
Stylist: William Martinez IG: @williammartinezstyles

Agency: Select Management Chicago

IG: @rebeccanneuy

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