Reality Check 4

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40.  Doing something right is harder than doing something wrong.  Make the impossible possible.

41.  You can reject fear and drown in it constantly or you can accept fear and embrace the challenges.

42.  The key to a successful day is a mindful beginning.

43.  You will not move forward in your life or get where you want to go if you’re constantly complaining, making excuses, mindlessly living, and procrastinating.

44.  Stop living how others expect you to live.  Stop awning over other people’s lives for the life you want to live, and start living it.

45.  Don’t just look at the world.  See the world.  Notice the colors, the details, the miniscule things you may brush past when you’re walking your everyday routine. Feel the warmth from the sun, the cold air that winter chill brings.

46.  You can’t let go and let God if you refuse to let go of the steering wheel.

47.  Always continue to Research and Experiment in life.

48.  Learn to channel excitement when the nerves are causing chaos in the mind.

49.  You can’t plan success.  You just do whatever you believe is true. You do because you love it, not for the benefit of being noticed.  The goal is to get your words out there the best way you know how.  Don’t aim for success, aim for fulfillment, aim for whatever it is that makes you happy.  Don’t feel pressured by societal standards, what matters is yourself.

50.  The only competition you should have is yourself.  Work hard on yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

51.  Try not to get lost in the maze of your own mind.  If you keep swimming around your own negative thoughts, you’ll be ending up gasping for air.  Allow a time to think and a time to spend your days playing in your dreams.  Envision the line you want to take and go for it.

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