Off to see the . . . world

Peace out, Chi-town.  See you in a year or two.

As bittersweet as it is, I’m leaving with the hubs for a good chunk of time.  Hopeful and praying that things work out to be away from the states for two years, while realistically thinking about having enough funds to only last a single year.  Either way, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

I’ve been holding off for the longest time about sharing this with all of you, but the time has finally come and I’m decking out tomorrow.  I had a bon voyage party for me and the hubby yesterday (Sunday, the 20th) with some pretty amazing people and had an extremely good turnout, surprisingly.  Every time I host a party, nobody shows up and I feel like I have no friends, but this time I felt so loved and blessed to be around so many fantastic people.

So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . .

May 22 – 26: Maui, Hawaii
Visiting the mom & sis in law and their new houses, since they just moved there.

May 26: Flight to Hokkaido, lose a day for traveling.  I’ll be living in the sky~

May 27 – May 30: Hokkaido
Visiting the in-laws, part II

May 30 – June 2: Kanazawa
Visiting the in-laws, part III

June 2 – June 10: Tokyo
Visiting the brother-in-law, some of my Japanese friends whom I met in China while studying abroad in 2011/2012, buying Keisuke a new knife for his aspiring Chef desires.

June 10 – September 10: Bangkok, Thailand
Returning for model placement.

That’s right, back again for model placement.  This is what I’m hoping for.  To hop around from country to country every 3-5 months to try different markets.  Starting off in Asia and hopefully ending the tour somewhere in Europe. I’m not sure where I’ll be after Bangkok, but I trust my agents to find me some pretty epic markets for me to try. It’ll be an adventure for the books that’s for sure.

Everyone always asks, “What’s your husband going to do?”  He’s coming with!  Tagging along.  He may have to leave a few times to extend visas in order to stay with me.  It’s an added bonus if he finds a job that actually pays, but right now, he’s going for tourism and I’m the one that’s gonna be makin’ the bacon.

The plan is to try to stick together as much as possible, for as long as possible.  We’re basically just figuring it out as we go.  So I’ll keep you posted on our adventures and I’ll share the insights behind traveling for extended periods of time with your spouse or significant other. It’s a bittersweet and heartfelt good-bye or see ya later to my family and friends here for I’m leaving behind my two living grandmas who both have Alzheimer’s and frail bodies, not knowing when their going to pass and if they are going to pass during our stay abroad.  Also, leaving behind my mom and sisters in the middle of grieving over the loss of my father, who passed suddenly not even a year ago, with me missing the one year anniversary with the entire Dad side of the family. And the house that I’ve only ever known that might be sold before I return to the states to see it one last time.  I said goodbye to a lot of things and people and my heart tears with each final glance or each final hug, but I know I’ll be back again.  Things are just things, they can be replaced and a house is just a house, home is where your family is, cheesy I know, but it’s actually how it should be. People, on the other hand, now that I’ve experienced a great loss so suddenly, I hold people more closely to my heart.  A lot can happen within a year and God-willing, I will see all my family and friends again when the time comes.  I’m a family person and I’m so close to the people in my life that I am hopeful to see them all again when we return. I think it’s just really hard right now, since I’m still mourning over my dad.

But alas, I am excited to spread my wings.  I’m excited to not only fly, but soar.  I’m excited for the journey ahead and for what’s to come in our marriage and for our future.  I’m excited for my own individual journey.  I’ve been struggling hard with my identity as an individual, as a wife, as a daughter, sister, writer, and model.  With the death of my dad, came big changes, new responsibilities, and new beginnings for me. Over the course of the last 10 months, I feel I have matured greatly.  My perceptions on life have grown exponentially reflecting on the challenges I faced and overcame.  Reflecting on who I am as a person today and who I aim to become tomorrow. I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

The day I finally accepted his death was the day I let go of his hand and became my own person.  And I am so thankful for what life has since then taught me. For I will not be going on this adventure with the same perspective I do now if he were still alive.

I have huge dreams.  I have huge passions.  And I’m going to live it out and let myself continue to dream and continue to follow my heart.  At the same time of discovering myself, my marriage will also strive. We have plans and dreams together as one.

Here’s the plan:

I’m gonna blog more, write more.  Blog about my personal journey, model life, foodie life, and more.  Write more in my stories and try to get a manuscript going for all the books I wish to create. Promising I’m going to write more isn’t going to be like last time I was placed in Bangkok where I was too lazy to pick up a pen and write, this time it’s for real.  Writing is a career I yearn for.

Create more content through IG, Instastory, WordPress, etc.  Maybe if I’m feeling confident, I’ll vlog. That’s still a bit scary to me though, but I know that’s where the world is heading. Topics include: Personal Journey, Modeling, Creatives, Travels, and Eats, which can be found as categories at the top of this web page.

With Kevin, I plan on taking records of his cooking and writing about our foodie adventures.

This is going to be an amazing trip.  I am hopeful and excited for what the future holds.  And I’m really excited to be soaking up life in the present.  To be doing all these things.  Living life.  Living out the dream.  Pursuing my love for all kinds of passions.  And I’m even more excited to document the journey and share it with all of you.

Stay Tuned for more Rebeisuke Adventures,


Model IG: rebeccanneuy
Personal IG: rebeccannesworld

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