Life’s Not Done

Hilong time no seeI know it’s beenages since youlast saw me.Since you lastheard from me, sinceI lastspoke of this - this darknessyep, the very same, the one that makes merun ‘n hidefrom fear, fromchaos, frominconceivable pain,not the physical kindnot only the physical kindthe withering, the overwhelming, thetorturous ghost that'salways been, yet seems tonever go awaythe emotional, the heartbreakingly,... Continue Reading →

The Lies I Tell Myself

The more comfortable I feel about opening up about chronic pain, the more I realize just how many people have already done so.  And as much as it is an inspiration to know I am not alone in this, I can’t help but feel inadequate like there’s no point in me talking about it, but... Continue Reading →

My Quarantined Life

Hello WordPress World, How are you?  How's your family, your friends, every person you care for in this world? It's such a crazy time.  What have you been doing to pass the time? I hope all is well. You're all are staying healthy, staying indoors if you can, washing your hands regularly, wearing masks when you... Continue Reading →

Branching Out: a rebeccanne update

If you're a reader of my blog, then you know I have been struggling a lot with my identity in my own world of chronic pain, on and off depression, and anxiety.  Most of you know I'm a model by profession and even fewer probably know I have a passion for writing. I've been mentioning... Continue Reading →

Dear Maui

I really miss you.  Like really.  Maybe because I like warm weather, but not I’m melting, I’m dying because it’s so hot here in Bangkok type weather.  No, I honestly really miss you. I’ve gone to Hawaii once before when I was ten and naturally, I don’t remember a thing.  There’s something about traveling when... Continue Reading →

Off to see the . . . world

Peace out, Chi-town.  See you in a year or two. As bittersweet as it is, I'm leaving with the hubs for a good chunk of time.  Hopeful and praying that things work out to be away from the states for two years, while realistically thinking about having enough funds to only last a single year. ... Continue Reading →

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