How I Vamped Up My Fitness Game: PVOLVE + Model Life + Personal Journey

Believe me, I’m a huge skeptic.  I contemplated a good 4 hours before purchasing the 30 day evolution and the Precision Sculpt with P.ball. But I also have a tendency to be gullible.  So I researched it, granted I only researched the positives, but in my heart, a light turned on for me and was like I gotta have this, but am I being stupid?  I texted my trainer/nutritionist and she said, “go for it”.  My husband was like “if you want”, but his eyes, his face expression, and his body language screamed, “why are you believing that shit?”

My thought was: But . . . what if it works?

I wanted him to believe as much as I hoped I would believe.  I talked his ear off trying to justify the purchase, showing him all the videos and articles I found on the web. Also, take note, all the videos were by the company, so obviously it’s a little biased.  But my justification was: it is such a new thing, that rarely anyone knows about it or has tried it.  So as far as the reviews goes, they’re pretty scarce.  I discovered this on an influencer’s account: @helenowen, she posted about it on March 2, 2018. I further dug in my research and found out the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s were using this and I was sold.  This might be the thing that I’m looking for. 

And you know what, excuse my language, but it f*ing worked!

I have been struggling for a good chunk of my modeling career, keeping my measurements down and looking toned.  And within 2 weeks of using this religiously, I began to see a difference.  My agents saw me and was like wow.  Even my husband, who didn’t believe it would work was struck, he looked at my body and was like, “Damn . . . I was wrong.  I didn’t believe this would help you, and it’s working.”

I was feeling so good.  Feeling better than ever.  I mean, it’s simultaneously about the food too.  You really are what you eat. My relationship to food has gotten a lot better over the past 4 months.  Sure, I still struggle, but you can’t undo 27 years of poor food choices overnight. And of course whatever mental or emotional baggage you are currently dealing with.  Shit takes time, guys.

Anyways, as I was healing my mind, my spirit, my body soon followed.  I gained so much more confidence in myself as I was toning up, feeling better and better.  There was a slight setback, but a major turning point in my book as far as my mental and emotional state goes. It was the two week mark of the Pvolve challenge when I saw my agents and they measured me at a shocking 26″ waist and 37″ hips.  That set me off the railing emotionally and mentally. I checked out for a few days.  I was self-destructing like never before.  I cried on and off for two days straight.  I was heartbroken.  I was confused.  I was upset. And I’m not gonna lie, I had a few angry workouts, but it released a whole lot of tension.  The biggest turning point of all was the breakdown of tears.  I found my feet again at the end of the week, completely distraught, exhausted, utterly tired of beating myself up and drowning in negativism.  I wanted a change.  And there was that switch.

I began motivating myself again.  Praying. Reading. Writing. Watching Documentaries and other inspiring things. Focusing on my health. Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. Letting the law of attraction take it’s course and creating better and more positive vibes that everything will work out.  Because in the end, whatever you’re dealing with is only temporary and yes it’s frustrating in the moment, but with every challenge you overcome is one for the books.

Back to PVOLVE, I really wished I had started doing PVOLVE at least one month before my wedding because by the time I finished the 30 day evolution I was so toned and I looked really damn good.  My agent measured me at 25 36, I went down an inch!  It’s not much, but the toning is what matters most. I looked good.  I felt good. Which translated into my confidence.  I became more comfortable in my own skin and I moved better in front of camera, especially taking those fresh digi’s in a black string bikini.

Pvolve is a new way of exercising to get the body you so desire.  It’s all about the precise movement.  It’s all about form. It’s a lot of focus and concentration.  The moment you catch yourself feeling every motion within your mind, body, and soul is the moment you’re finally doing it right. It’s not about how fast you do it.  It’s not about how many you can do.  It’s about being mindfully present in your own skin and focusing on yourself.

As for the P.ball, it is an interesting contraption *as I form mysterious lookin’ smile widely with my eyes and lips*.  I’ve only done it a few times and I have yet to memorize the routine on the video, but so far I like it.  It works different types of muscles I never knew I had. It’s a little awkward, but not uncomfortable.  Sometimes I’m not sure if the ball is the right size, there’s a video, but still it’s not the same thing as in person help.

This is one of the best ways I can really love myself.  I feel so good after completing a workout.  The first few times was difficult as I was trying to learn how to do the workouts correctly through a video and no personal trainer correcting me when my form is off. It took about 2 weeks for me to memorize the movements and no longer need a video.  Now, I feel like I’m doing it correctly.  I mean, yes, I do wish I had an expert at hand to double check my form, but you make do with what you got. So, I do recommend trying it out if you’re interested.

UPDATE: I now really enjoy the entire Complete Evolution(CE) Series, from the Standing Sculpt (SS), to the Microtone (MT), and even the Lift & Firm Series (L&F). I love them each in their own ways.  I feel so proud of myself to notice how far I’ve come and am so excited to share this with all of you!

feeling fit rebeccanne

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Update Feb 18, 2022 – I am not affiliated with Pvolve in any way.  This is not an ad. I do not receive earnings from this post.

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