Editorial – Shuba Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 2

I’m welcoming 2018 with a new editorial that published in Shuba Magazine.  It’s been a week since the magazine came out, so it’s only fair to share the journey.  It was my second time shooting with The O.X. Project (Ethan), but this time in studio.  It’s nice shooting on location, but sometimes a girl just loves to blast some good music to do her thang.

We ended up playing some Lady Gaga, due to the first outfit.  It was this revealing red dress that screamed Lady Gaga.  And I just so wanted to get into character, which I had fun doing so.

Most of these outfits were a bit on the scandalous side, but I secretly half enjoyed it because it was definitely out of my comfort zone and not my personality at all and half feeling uncomfortable because I’m pretty conservative and thinking holy crap, my mom would totally disapprove of this!

At least, I covered up my nips.  I don’t think there will ever come a time where I would be comfortable to show my boobies to the world. Maybe on accident where the photographer snaps it in the right moment, but that would mean I would be completely unaware of it.  I don’t know what I would do if the situation presents itself, but fortunately, I’m signed with an agency.  I feel a lot safer that way.  And most importantly, very thankful of Ethan for being so understanding and cool with me not shooting nudes.

Anyways, back to the shoot.  The hair/makeup artist and stylist had such good energy and knew how to take some epic behind the scenes footage.  I rarely ever get these, so it was so nice to actually have them for myself.  The HMUA, Leanna, just signed with Factor Artists and the stylist, Katherine, was getting her foot in the door, so it was kinda like an all Factor dream team.

I enjoyed playing a part of this editorial.  It was fun wearing the different outfits and accessories and OMG the shoes!  Katherine has an awesome eye for putting killer pieces together to create the perfect look for the shoot. It was so fun dressing up and coming out a new person. There’s not many words to describe the feeling of transforming from character to character with a single outfit change. It’s just . . . fun . . .

Ethan is an INCREDIBLE photographer. You can see that through the tearsheets below.  He’s got such a dope eye of creativity.  Tarps and colored film-like “thing” – I have no idea what it’s called, but whatever that yellow film is below, well, that – were involved in the shoot.  He chose me for this shoot because he knew I would be able to move in front of a camera, movements are necessary, and I’m thankful he sees me as a model who moves . . . and well, weird and awkward movements are my specialty . . . *hehe awkward laugh*

At times, I felt like I was going to trip over the tarp beneath my feet and in heels nonetheless, and those large hoop earrings in the final look were insanely heavy – my poor earlobes – but I had fun incorporating everything I could play around with like the tarp that draped over me, the clothes I wore, my big hair that I never have on a daily basis, and even those massive earrings that made me need to ice my ears – yes it was that heavy, but hey, do whatever you need to do to get the shot, right?  That’s my motto.

“Gaudy Auspice”
Shuba Magazine: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1398706
Photographer: The O.X. Project (Ethan) | IG: @theoxproject
Hair/Makeup Artist: Leanna Ernest | IG: @leannaernest
Stylist: Katherine Rousonelos | IG: @katherinerousonelos

Page 72page 74 and 75page 76 and 77Page 78 and 79Page 80 and 81

IG: @rebeccanneuy

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