Give Thanks

give thanks to the pain in your life, it means you’re alive
give thanks to the heartache, without it we wouldn’t know how to love one another
give thanks to sadness, without it we wouldn’t know the meaning of happiness
give thanks to the memories, so we can cherish the lost loved ones and remember our precious moments

give thanks to advancing technologies, which make it easier for people to connect with family and friends in different cities, states, or countries, which makes it easier to find a connection with strangers who have a voice and something to say
(So, put your phone down and have a personal connection with the people who are next to you.)

give thanks to your voice, we are important, without it, we wouldn’t have opinions and advice
give thanks
to your dreams, without it we wouldn’t strive to do better
give thanks to your strength, for it gives you courage to do things out of your comfort zone
give thanks to your heart, for it trusts, loves, and forgives

give thanks to strangers who touch your heart
give thanks to those who empower you, they are the ones who help you grow and achieve anything, they are the ones who lift you higher, they are the ones who make you stronger, they are the ones with no judgement, envy, or negativity in their eyes, but hope, love, and encouragement
give thanks to family who have always been there for you when you need them
give thanks to all the mothers, it is them who have put up with all the crap we’ve pulled, it is them who think and feel with their whole heart, it is them who invests all of themselves to make you happy, it is them who sacrifice every day to give you a good life
give thanks to friends who have been your encouragement through the darkest of times
give thanks to a reunion, reuniting with distant family members and old friends
give thanks to your better half, the one who makes you smile and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, the one who gives you strength when all things fail around you, the one with the ability to make difficult times less difficult

give thanks to a new beginning of meeting new people, learning new things, and experiencing the world

Give thanks. . .

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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