Every motion flows together like a dance.  It’s sharp, yet subtle.  It’s soft, yet loud.  Every muscle in the body is relaxed.  The heart rate up, racing.  A healthy mixture of excitement and nervousness that enhances the confidence.  Every movement.  Shutter by shutter.  Page by page.  Just like a flip book.  Everything connected.  Like a puzzle piece.  Fitting together in unison.  Every motion exaggerated, yet calm.  Every take screams here I am, can you see me now?  Master the movement, master the angles, master the faces, master the exaggerated and beautiful motions, and you surely will be unstoppable. You are the canvas.  You are the main focus.  You are the masterpiece.  Each movement counts. Each frame is important.

This is what I’m here for.  To learn.  To grow.  To master the skill.  To gain experience.  To become better than the best that I can be.  Here’s my chance to shine in front.  Here’s my chance to be seen . . to be heard.  I have awoken to the reality of things and I’m changing into the person I’ve always been too scared to show.  Letting people in.  Seeing me for all of me.  The optimism.   The negatives.   The pain.  The struggles.  The inspiration.  Striving for the success in a passion of my choice.  Yearning to show the biggest part I’ve tucked away secretly for my whole life – my personality.  Eager to break free from the blocks standing in my way.  Happy to be standing out amongst the crowd.  It’s time to stop hiding and let the world see me.


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