i am HEAR. can you HERE me?

All my life I felt invisible.  My voice unheard.  I was a blur in the crowd.  A nobody.  Secretly trying to break free from the struggle to be somebody.  To be seen.  To be heard.

All my life I was pushed aside and never shined.  I never felt important.  I never felt there was a reason to my existence.

All my life everyone knew me as the shy one.  I was never the social butterfly.  Not much of a talker, either.  I guess, you could say I was kind of socially awkward in many uncomfortable situations.

All my life I never made that effort to stand out – – maybe that’s part of the reason that contributes to the struggles I am facing.

It is a time for change.  A new me.

matter. I have a voice.  I am seen.

Can you hear me now?


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