What are Words?

Words. They are just letters added together to create a meaning.  It's just a mark on a piece of paper.  Those marks are what make the sentences richer.  Each word inspires a thought. A discovery. A way of life.  Each word has a purpose.... and each sentence creates something beautiful. What are words? Words.  They... Continue Reading →

. . .

I am not afraid. The thing that haunts me is no longer lingering.  It's taunting breath making me doubt myself.  It lurks in the shadows, creeping up on me every now and then. Chasing the dream that matters most.  I'm untouchable.  Looking over my shoulder is no longer a paranoia.  Confidence has risen.  I have awoken.... Continue Reading →

Obstacles are good

It's good to remember obstacles are a part of life.  No matter how frustrating and how annoying they tend to be.  Obstacles are put in place in order to give you problem-solving skills to challenge you into the direction you are destined to go.  You never know what forces are working around you to help... Continue Reading →

Reality Check – Part 2

And so the Reality Checks continue . . . Reality Checks 1-10 11.  There’s no such thing as a person changing overnight.  It takes time and commitment to grow and mature.  It’s a progression you must be willing to follow through with. 12.  Finding excuses only makes the procrastination worse.  Plus, it’s a bad habit... Continue Reading →

A New Year. Another Ballpark.

It’s at this time . . . I’ve noticed I use the word “time” a lot in my posts.  Things like...  It’s time for a new beginning. There’s not enough time in the day. or Time is of the essence.  Time is actually a very important piece to the puzzle. It revolves around the entire... Continue Reading →

Embrace the New Year: 2015

Today is the day of remembrance.  A day of reminiscing on the year of 2014’s events. What have you accomplished?  Have you done something amazing?  Doing something amazing doesn't have to be anything big, just something small that leads to a great satisfaction. Today is the day where all things change.         It’s Okay!... Continue Reading →

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