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i am not afraid

I am not afraid.

The thing that haunts me is no longer lingering.  It’s taunting breath making me doubt myself.  It lurks in the shadows, creeping up on me every now and then. Chasing the dream that matters most.  I’m untouchable.  Looking over my shoulder is no longer a paranoia.  Confidence has risen.  I have awoken.  I have grown to trust my instincts.  I have learned to commit to the actions I have taken.  I understand the new line of vision I chose to follow.  It was my choice to do the steps I took.  There’s a reason behind every action, every commitment, every choice. My anxiety is decreasing.  My self-doubt is fading.  My depression is crawling farther and farther away.  My fear is not an obstacle. Everything about me is shining to the surface.  The shyness that encloses me making me fearful of what other people would think no longer burdens my worries.  I’m becoming more and more independent.  I’ve been showing myself to the world more and more.  I dance, I sing, I speak like there is no one watching me.  I am in account of my decisions, those choices that benefit me, the sacrifices I made to get here, the actions I’ve dealt with to move forward.  It’s all a part of this master plan.  The plan that is unknown to me.  The dark. . . it no longer frightens me.  This is the fear that challenges me to take the step forward.   I encourage the fear.  The uncertainty.  I challenge myself to do more, be more. This is me now.

I. Am. Not. Afraid.


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