The Cycle for Lack of Creativity has Begun Again

all inspiration lost.
all motivation failed.
every thought dissipated
my mind is dark and I am blind.

dreams are nothing but a shiny slither.
it’s a twinkle that peaks an interest
but not enough to shine

the muse is standing helplessly
in the distant, it struggles
to take a step
its’ hesitant breaths irritates me

i want to move, but I’m stuck
in place, glued to the floor.
thought after thought
there is no plan of action

no implementation
nothing but thought after thought
hope after hope
dream after dream

the thought is incomplete
the results are inconclusive

i’m living one long run-on sentence
why has my muse abandoned me?
is it time for me to walk alone?
what if I’m scared?
what if my life is fragmented?

is there a way to break this seemingly never-ending cycle of self-doubt,
this type of excuse: writer’s block, for lack of a better word.
this type of procrastination.

i am not blocked.
i have a creative mind.
i just lack the motive to implement it.

things must change.  things will change.
keep the mind active. keep the creativity flowing.
for it is the lack of motivation you fear,
change it. create a new mindset
adjust the fear and generate a positive outcome

rebeccanne, let’s break the cycle together

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