Today, I Can’t Deal… but, Tomorrow?

Something I learned: Depression doesn’t just go away.  

Deep sadness lies within each and every one of us, but is only activated in those facing a great deal of struggle or struggles.  It can be a mixture of things, some of which are unknown to the one experiencing it in the first place. You can mask it, hide the truth from others and yourselves, but you cannot lie that it doesn’t exist.  Well, you can lie all you want, but the matter is: depression is real and can lead to something more serious. Suicide should not be the result of escape. No matter how much pain you face, no matter the amount of obstacles blocking your line of vision.  Suicide is not the answer.  Every life is valuable.  All life is precious.

I know within the moment of defeat, all you want to do is give up.  Give in to the pain and let the sufferings absorb all your courage & strength to fight back, but as long as you hold onto the little bit of happiness you once had, you can overcome anything. I know… easier said than done, but even though, the light is far, you can find a way to push through the pain and find the light again, your spirit will improve.  You will grow and mature into a better person.  There’s no one true method in defeating the darkness that swallows you.  The truth is within yourself. Every one of us has our own demons to fight off.  Today I say, I can’t deal.  Tomorrow I’ll say, It’ll be better.  It’s hard to plan for the future because you’ll never know what tomorrow will bring.  Take the day as it comes.  One step at a time.

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