A New Year. Another Ballpark.

It’s at this time . . . I’ve noticed I use the word “time” a lot in my posts.  Things like…  It’s time for a new beginning. There’s not enough time in the day. or Time is of the essence.  Time is actually a very important piece to the puzzle. It revolves around the entire message in order to get the point across. Anyway, what a digression—

This new year is not a fresh start.  It’s not a new beginning.  We aren’t magically reborn every time we celebrate the new year. Reality Check: The new year doesn’t mean to begin again or start over.  It’s whatever you’ve left off from that carries over into this new year.  Your life is a continuation of your previous years. The idea of a fresh start comes from within.  At the end of the day, it’s up to your decisions and actions to create the fresh start and change into the person you’re yearning to become.

Many people take this time to ponder their life goals, their dreams, their achievements, and where they’re at in life today.  Always the same thing and always at this moment in time.  The end of a chapter and the beginning of a new year.  It’s often when a person reaches a certain age.  I mostly see this among the 20 something year olds about to hit their 30’s.  That age is slowly creeping on me, but I still feel really naive or a recent graduate with the whole life ahead of me.  Reality Check… it’s not.  You’re not a child anymore.  You’re an adult.  Mr. Feeney can’t hold your hand forever.  You got to make your own mistakes.  Live up to them and figure out a resolution.

Things are shifting.  Work life and home life are moving forward.  Everything is progressing.  Dreams are expanding.  Thoughts are maturing.  Life is heading in all sorts of directions.  It’s just a matter of which door you choose to open.  But you can’t cheat life.  Each door has an unforeseeable pathway.  It’s dark and cramped.  Cold and damp.  Misty and cloudy.  You’re all alone.  No one can help you walk to the other side.  The way you make a decision, the way you live your life is all up to you.  The line of you belongs to you, it’s the path you choose, and it’s the actions you follow through with that make you who you will become.  Keep true to yourself.  Follow your passion.  Live your dreams.  Choose carefully with your end goal in mind.  It’s waiting to congratulate you before you open your next door.


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