Dear World

Dear World, I feel utterly and tragically lost.  I feel the world crashing down on me and crushing me whole.  Gnawing at me.  Pushing me down.  Taking my feet and dragging me.  Throwing me around.  I feel like I am dying inside and I have lost myself.  I feel like I’ve lost me.  I’ve lost... Continue Reading →

Endless Tears

You think you’re done crying because you’re tired of all the tears streaming down your cheeks.  You think you’ve become stronger, invincible even because you’re needed to be strong and to be the rock your family needs to carry on.  You think you have it all together because you know that life is constantly moving... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Pain

. . . is that it makes you question everything . . . Nothing seems to help. The fear keeps on creeping. Darkness shatters faith. The hole is beginning. You're left standing in the darkness.  Thinking.  Pondering. Wondering what went wrong.  Why is it you that is suffering?  Did you deserve this?  What's God's big... Continue Reading →

Love Thy Body

I’ve always struggled with the way I look.  There’s never been a time where I was 100% satisfied with my body.  Worst of all, I remember thinking that there will never be a time that I will be fully satisfied with the way I look.  In the mirror, I should see a beautiful body just... Continue Reading →

Food. Pain. Me.

When I eat good, I feel good.  When I eat poor, I feel poor.  Why do I put myself in situations like that just for a small window of instant gratification? Every time I think about my relationship to food, I think of that one Weight Watchers commercial a few years back.  Hilarious, yet so... Continue Reading →

Choosing Happiness . . .

Choosing Happiness. Choosing Today. If you read my older post about Chasing Happiness, you'll know where I'm heading with this post.  I spent a lot of time and effort dreaming about the day I will be happy instead of simply living in the present, being in the moment, and choosing to be happy right now.... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Me. Part II

E V O L V I N G. Taking all that I've learned about myself to the table and allowing the knowledge that I gain continue to grow. I'm blossoming into the person I've been yearning to become.  With this new commitment, I intend to focus more on myself, my well-being, my mind (a more... Continue Reading →

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