The Truth about Pain

. . . is that it makes you question everything . . . Nothing seems to help. The fear keeps on creeping. Darkness shatters faith. The hole is beginning. You're left standing in the darkness.  Thinking.  Pondering. Wondering what went wrong.  Why is it you that is suffering?  Did you deserve this?  What's God's big... Continue Reading →

Love Thy Body

I’ve always struggled with the way I look.  There’s never been a time where I was 100% satisfied with my body.  Worst of all, I remember thinking that there will never be a time that I will be fully satisfied with the way I look.  In the mirror, I should see a beautiful body just... Continue Reading →

The “Right” Way

Ok--- So let’s just clear the air on this whole right way/wrong way matter per my brief mention in: Living in Fear.  I’m neither a nutritionist, nor a personal trainer and to top that all off I have absolutely NO authority whatsoever to tell you how to be fit. All this knowledge I’m passing onto... Continue Reading →

Food. Pain. Me.

When I eat good, I feel good.  When I eat poor, I feel poor.  Why do I put myself in situations like that just for a small window of instant gratification? Every time I think about my relationship to food, I think of that one Weight Watchers commercial a few years back.  Hilarious, yet so... Continue Reading →

Living in Fear

or fearfully living? . . . Ever since my "recent", not so new news or rather . . .diagnose(s), I hit a new level of anxiety.  I knew that I will be living in chronic pain for the rest of my life, but Cervical Spine Degeneration Arthritis just tipped me over the edge. Pain is a... Continue Reading →

Chasing Happiness

The answer to all your questions and concerns about Happiness is here.  Not there. Not in the future.  Not with someone in particular.  Not anywhere.  But here.  It begins and stays with YOU. You can’t just chase happiness.  Searching and searching for some artificial factor.  Moving from one place to the next.  Working towards your... Continue Reading →

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