Dieting is a Fad that Needs to Die Out

In today’s society, the term “diet” has become such a derogatory word.  It wasn’t always, but when someone says, “I’m going on a diet”, it’s often frowned upon.  Diet is such a sensitive word and it depends on the person using it too.  If an overweight person decides to diet, we cheer them on.  But when someone who appears to be in shape, we question them, asking, “why?”

There are so many meanings for the word “diet”, yet the most common one is a person choosing to go on a diet to slim down.  Everyone has their own reasons of dieting, just like everyone has their own methods of diets. The word “Diet” as we have grown to recognize it is known as a temporary fix.  You do it, you get in shape, you stop, go back to your regular diet, and then you have to do it all over again because you didn’t provide the proper nutrients to create a new habit & maintain your desired shape.

A diet is a choice.  A lifestyle.  A term many of us lack of embracing by assuming everyone’s dieting purpose is to lose weight and not necessarily for health reasons.  There is, “I’m going on a diet”, which ensures their goal is to lose weight, but then there is, “This is my diet”, which ensures someone’s eating habits.

Everyone has their very own exceptional diet.  It’s never the same, even within a family, each member has their own tendencies–eating habits.  You cannot judge a person based on what they eat, it’s the same as judging a person based on how they present themselves or how they walk, talk, move, or perhaps the choices they make.  It’s a human thing to do, judgement, but as long as you’re aware that it is happening, I think you’re on the right track.

A person’s diet can consist of lots of carbs and sugars, but what do they do? Are they an athlete?  There’s a reason to every person’s diet. One person’s diet is they eat a donut and a cup of coffee every morning, it’s their diet.  I mean, not exactly the healthiest way to start the day, but . . . that’s just how they choose to live.  Some people are gluten free – not just because they jumped on the gluten free diet bandwagon (that’s a topic that is easily misconstrued by the way), but because they physically get sick from eating gluten.  Some people choose to not eat foods that make them sick and others are unaware of foods that make them feel sick. Some people have food allergies and they have to find other means of nutrition to fulfill their dietary needs.

Bottom Line: Dieting is only temporary and a fad we should all learn to not follow, but a diet is a lifelong commitment that is a part of our lives.

you are what you eat, right?

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